Discover the DocsBarcelona 2022 awards.

DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury

With a cash prize of 5.000€ and a statuette.

DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury

New Talent Award to best film of the newcomer directors at Panorama Section, sponsored by Filmin. With a cash prize of 4.000€ and a statuette.

DocsBarcelona Latitud Jury

DocsBarcelona Latitud Award to the best film of Latitud DocsBarcelona section.Consists of a 3.000€ worth of completion work (conformation, graphics, color correction and final deliveries) for the director’s next film and a statuette.

Amnesty International Catalunya Jury

This award is applicable to any of the films (except DOC-U Section and Docs&Teens) with a theme or topic that defends the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the freedom of speech and the values shared by International Amnesty, and it also shows a remarkable use of cinematographic elements in the fight for transforming reality.

DOC-U Jury

DOC-U Award to best film of this section. Awarded by the DOC-U Jury, it consists of 1.000€ worth of rental for shooting equipment. Sponsored by 16nou.

Awarded by the audience

Audience Award to best film of the Oficial Sections (Panorama and Latitud). Sponsored by Moritz and awarded by the audience and consists of 1.500€ and a statuette.

Awarded by the young audience

Award to best film in this section awarded by the audience.

Young Jury Reteena

Awarded by young jury Reteena, made up of young people between 16 and 21 years old. The prize is a statuette.

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