We would like to thank specially all those who share the festival with us every year, but we cannot hug because of distance.

To our fantastic Volunteers Coordinator: Mela Maluenda; to the whole team at CCCB: Àngela, Gerard, Cristian, Ferran, Roc, Berta, Elm, Fita, Cisco, David and all those who work there; to the ushers and technicians at Cinemes Aribau; to the team of Terracccita; to the box office clerks: Àngel, Guisla, and Marta; to the people at 4Tiquets: Josep, Muntsa and Ana; to the whole team at Hotel Catalonia, specially Aina; to those in Comèdia who are in charge of the ceremonies: Maria, Oriol and Anna; to Roger de Gràcia, our star host; to the people at Upstudio: Enric and Felipe; to the team at EGM: Quim and Montse; to Altair’s team; to Mercè Amat, to Èric, always welcoming us beautifully at Restaurant Llop; to the printing houses: Elpidia from Tintaprint and Dina from IGS Print; and to Qultura for distributing our programs.

A very special thanks to the volunteers and interns, without them the festival and the market are not possible at all, and we will miss their support, help and will that make feel everybody at home.

And to Francisco Vargas, Àlex Navarro, Joan Torrella, José Manuel Gómez, Núria Lomas and Beatriz Navas for all their empathy, understanding and the active support they have been bringing from their institutions to make this extraordinary edition possible.

Thanks to all who have always given us support and will join us from home this year!

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