Samaher Alqadi
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As I want

Samaher Alqadi

88 min.
Egypt, France, Norway, Palestinian Territories and Germany
Arabic and English
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

The awakening of a woman inspired by the courage of the feminist movement in Egypt. A punch to the patriarchy as the camera turns into a self-defense weapon.


Samaher Alqadi
Karim El Hakim
Nefise Özkal Lorentzen & Jørgen Lorentzen (Integral Film), Serge Gordey (Temps Noir), Mohanad Yaqubi (Idioms Film), Thomas Kaske (Kaske Film)
Production company
Prophecy Films
Gladys Joujou
Samaher Alqadi, Karim El Hakim
Naissam Jalal

The feminist movement in Egypt is gaining more strength than ever. Increasing numbers of women are daring to raise their voices against sexual harassment, but this outpouring of courage comes from far back.

The Arab Spring brought hope of freedom and change, however, it is often forgotten that during the mass protest on January 25, 2011 in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, savage gang rapes took place. The outrage of Egyptian women sparked a major protest to defend their rights. Director Samaher Alqadi was at the forefront of capturing a revolt by women that went unnoticed in the media.

During filming, Alqadi became pregnant and the film reflects on motherhood and the limits of freedom.

Through a deeply personal narrative, Alqadi recounts the painful memories of her childhood to illustrate the obstacles many girls face in Arab societies. Alqadi’s courage to explore the roots of gender inequality in the Middle East crosses borders and smashes the patriarchy, as the camera turns into a weapon of self-defense.

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About the direction
Samaher Alqadi

Samaher Alqadi


Samaher Alqadi is an emerging voice in Arabic documentary filmmaking. Her films focus on the evolvin...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

DocsBarcelona Festival · Panorama
Edició 2021
Docs del Mes · Setembre
Edició 2021

Awards and festivals

Denmark, 2021
Germany, 2021
Samaher Alqadi
As I want
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A strong cinematic bid against women’s oppression in the Arab world.

— Davide Abbatescianni · Cineuropa

A documentary that feels like a protest song.

— James Mottram · The National

Gripping, important and impressively powerful.

— Mark Adams · Business Doc Europe

A tribute to the courageous women of Egypt.

— Jo-Ann Titmarsh · Hey u Guys
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