Fotograma de la película

DocsBarcelona Distribution is a consolidated project devoted to the documentary. Born 20 years ago in Barcelona, today it is the main distribution brand and exhibition network of 80 venues in Spain and 10 theatrical releases every year.

We propose
Art and culture
Marlén Viñayo
Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring and Christina Tsiobanelis
Carles Bosch
    Clare Weiskopf
    Lea Glob and Mette Carla Albrechtsen
    Beryl Magoko
      Exhibition Rights

      DocsBarcelona has the rights to display the films in the catalog for exploitation in commercial and non-commercial cinemas, television, online platforms and DVDs.

      Distribution in cinemas

      More than 70 theaters throughout Spain with the Docs del Mes.

      TV distribution

      Exploitation rights on television, both free-to-air and pay television.

      Online distribution

      The documentaries in the catalog are available on different VOD platforms.

      Home Video Distribution

      DocsBarcelona Distribution publishes some of the catalog titles on DVD.

      Docs del Mes
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