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At the age of 20, Paola ran away from her abuser and was able to take her daughter with her. Sex work has helped her to get ahead. Director Claudia Solano films with a unique sensitivity Paola's day-to-day struggle against the stereotypes associated with prostitution.


Claudia Solano, Marta Martín, Daniela Rey and Pere Neila

In her 20s, Paola escaped from her abuser with her daughter in her arms. It was sex work that got her ahead. Now, at 23 and after two years in the profession, she receives an invitation from Maria Riot, a sex worker and activist for the rights of whores, to a meeting between fellow prostitutes. At this tribal meeting, Paola meets prostitutes who will give her a politicized vision of their work. At the same time, the protagonist begins a love affair with a young man from her neighborhood who will also try his luck in sex work. This intimate portrait of Paola immerses us in her daily life and gives voice to these sex workers who struggle against the stigma inherent to their profession.

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Various directors
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