Gorki Glasser-Müller
Children of the enemy
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Children of the enemy

Children of the enemy

Gorki Glasser-Müller

96 min.
Sweden, Denmark and Qatar
Swedish, Danish and Arabic
Subtitles: Catalan and English

Patricio Gálvez's odyssey to rescue his seven orphaned grandchildren trapped in Syria. Patricio's daughter Amanda was captured by ISIS and killed in 2019.


Gorki Glasser-Müller
Executive Production
John Battsek, Annika Hellström
Kristofer Henell, Erika Malmgren
Gorki Glasser-Müller, Signe Leick Jensen, Morten Kaufmann, Charlotte Gry Madsen, Peter Possne
Lisa Nordström
Art direction
Emil Gustafsson Ryderup

Patricio Gálvez, a Swedish musician of Chilean origin, saw his wife and daughter Amanda become radical Islamists. Amanda married Michael Skråmo, one of Sweden's best-known ISIS terrorists, and they had seven children. Together they went to fight in Syria in 2014. Five years later, they were both killed. Their seven children ended up in the al-Hol camp. Filmmaker Gorki Glaser-Müller follows the moving odyssey of grandfather Patricio as he tries to find his grandchildren. The Swedish government pulls out all the diplomatic stops to prevent the children's return. Glaser-Müller accompanies his friend Patricio on a high-risk journey to Syria.

About the direction
Gorki Glasser-Müller

Gorki Glasser-Müller


Gorki Glaser-Müller is a filmmaker, writer for films, TV and radio and a multi-media artist working...

Awards and festivals

Denmark, 2021
USA, 2021
Gorki Glasser-Müller
Children of the enemy
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An incredibly moving work that effectively captures on screen the emotional conflict and relentless determination of this man to save the children.

— Davide Abbatescianni, Cineuropa

The abundance of honesty is not a flaw in a story as complex and emotional as this (...) It is a tense and necessary addition to the growing canon of this type of documentary."

— Jessica Kiang, Variety
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