Adrián Silvestre
May your will be done
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May your will be done

May your will be done

Adrián Silvestre

98 min.
Catalan and Spanish
Subtitles: English

Ricardo wants to die, but before, he wishes to see his sons after being estranged from them for twenty years. The film leads to an extraordinary reunion.


Adrián Silvestre
Producciones del Barrio, Nanouk Films & Atresmedia Cine.

Ricardo has always been a bon-vivant. Hedonistic and a bit sarcastic, he sees his life fall apart when he loses his partner and suffers two strokes. Alone, blind in one eye and with difficulty walking, he falls into a state of depression and anxiety. He believes that death will be the only solution to his problems. But before leaving this world, he would like to see again his two sons, who severed their tieswith him over twenty years ago. The process of rebuilding the broken family ties will turn this family's emotional journey into a bittersweet tale that speaks of the complexity of the bonds between parents and children, and the need to recognise the right of every human being to make decisions on the end of their lives.

About the direction
Adrián Silvestre

Adrián Silvestre


Adrián Silvestre (1981) is a talented filmmaker born and raised in Valencia who studied filmmaking b...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Edició 2024
Adrián Silvestre
May your will be done
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