Ahsen Nadeem
Crows Are White
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Crows Are White

Crows Are White

Ahsen Nadeem

98 min.
United States, Japan and Ireland
Japanese, English and Urdu
Subtitles: Catalan and English

A Muslim filmmaker in the midst of faith crisis visits a monastery in Japan where a Buddhist sect lives in isolation. There he faces the conflict between spirituality and worldliness.


Ahsen Nadeem
Executive Production

Ahsen Nadeem, a Muslim filmmaker in the midst of a faith crisis, embarks on a journey in search of answers to a monastery in Japan where a Buddhist sect lives in isolation. He soon realises that the monks who practice acts of extreme physical hardship on their path to enlightenment are unable to resolve his doubts. The only monk who agrees to talk to him confesses that he prefers to eat ice-cream and listen to heavy metal music rather than meditate, and a unique friendship develops between them. Through their conversations, the two try to discover some existential truths and appease some worldly conflicts. Shot over five years in three different continents, Crows Are White is a humorous exploration of the conflict between spirituality and lust, between faith and love.

About the direction
Ahsen Nadeem

Ahsen Nadeem


Writer and director, Ahsen Nadeem, was born in Saudi Arabia and emigrated first to Ireland and event...

Awards and festivals

BFI London
Reino Unido, 2022
Hot Docs
Canadá, 2022
South by Southwest
Estados Unidos, 2022
Ahsen Nadeem
Crows Are White
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Ahsen Nadeem hoped that meeting with Buddhist monks would help him sort through his own faith. He got more than he bargained for in this shaggy but sincere look at personal faith.

— Peter Debruge · Variety

'Crows are White' is an immensely thoughtful, cathartic, and insightful piece of film, one that doubles not only as a look at this Buddhist sect but also a story of personal growth and healing.

— Therese Lacson · Collider

'Crows Are White' takes flight as the self-portrait of a man who’s sincerely trying to find peace with the various people he is, loves, and wants to have in his life.

— David Ehrlich · indieWire
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