Llorenç Soler
Homenatge a Llorenç Soler
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Homenatge a Llorenç Soler

Homenatge a Llorenç Soler

Llorenç Soler

80 min.
Without dialogues
Without subtitles

Special session with the presence of Llorenç Soler and Martí Rom. Screening of the films "El largo viaje hacia la ira" and "Kenya's family"


Llorenç Soler

El largo viaje hacia la ira

LLORENÇ SOLER, 1969. Catalonia. VE. 25'
Un impresionante documento sobre la inmigración andaluza en la Barcelona de los años sesenta que incluye imágenes sorprendentes de la estación de Francia con trenes cargados de hombres y mujeres provenientes de las zonas rurales. "Es un remontaje de Será tú tierra (1965), que recuestiona su sentido religioso y provivienda, y pasa claramente a la denuncia" (José Luis Guarner).

Kenya's family

LLORENÇ SOLER, 2005. Catalonia-Spain. VE. 55'
A documentary that makes romantic relationships that were hidden until then, visible, by showing the life of a couple of women who decide to have a child, conceived by one of them. Made in 2005, the film had a special impact because it coincided with the new civil marriage law, with which the Spanish Parliament regulated marriage and adoption by same-sex couples and which placed Spain among the most open countries in the world in this matter. After four failed artificial insemination attempts and two years of rest, Julia and Aida decide to look for a donor among their circle of friends, until Julia gets pregnant. The camera faithfully follows the course of events over these four years and delves into the everyday life of the couple and their close environment.

Screening and talk with the director of the film

About the direction
Llorenç Soler

Llorenç Soler


Soler entered the independent documentary film scene directing Será tú tierra (1965) and El largo vi...

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