Silvia Subirós
La Cocina de los Hombres
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La Cocina de los Hombres

La Cocina de los Hombres

Silvia Subirós

93 min.
Catalan and Spanish
Subtitles: English

An alternative account of the history of cooking and women’s anonimity through the story of El Motel, the restaurant that brought culinary modernity to Spain.


Silvia Subirós
Production company
Cornelius Films

Filmmaker Sílvia Subirós constructs an alternative account of the history of cooking and women’s anonimity. Josep Mercader, Sílvia's grandfather, founded El Motel in Figueres over 60 years ago. The emblematic restaurant was instrumental in bringing culinary modernity to Spain. The restaurant's legacy has been passed down from generation to generation and today Sílvia's three brothers continue the culinary tradition of the men in the family. Sílvia, however, explores the creative resources that cinema offers to try and recover the anonymous figure of her grandmother, Anna Baret. But how to tell a story that just like that of so many other women, does not fit the epic hero tale?

Screening and talk with the director of the film

About the direction
Silvia Subirós

Silvia Subirós


Sílvia Subirós (Figueres, 1983). Film director and documentary film lecturer. She studied Screenwrit...

Awards and festivals

Málaga Film Festival
Spain, 2022
Silvia Subirós
La Cocina de los Hombres
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