Patricia Franquesa
Estimada Sara
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Estimada Sara

Estimada Sara

Patricia Franquesa

60 min.
Spain, Serbia and Norway
Persian, English and Catalan
Subtitles: Catalan

A moving portrait of Sara, Afghanistan's first female taxi driver, a powerful woman who breaks down patriarchal barriers. A testimony of a reality that no longer exists.


Patricia Franquesa
Dane Vlaisavljevic, Luka Barajevic
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Patricia Franquesa, Laia Zanon, Filip Martinovic
Alice Tillet, Kristian Mosvold
Original title
Oh Dear Sara
Ana Zugic

A moving portrait of Sara, Afghanistan's first female taxi driver. Filmmaker Patricia Franquesa captures the strength of a powerful woman who breaks through the barriers of a highly patriarchal society. Sara's bright eyes convey her tireless defense of women's rights and fight to achieve what seemed impossible. An inspiring story of friendship between two women who are full of life, an ode to empathy and dialogue between cultures. The circular tale of Sara's life story turns from fear to love and from love to fear. A testimony of a reality that no longer exists.

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About the direction
Patricia Franquesa

Patricia Franquesa


Patricia Franquesa starts her career in Tel Aviv working with the Heymann Brothers Films and Hilla M...

Awards and festivals

Portugal, 2021
Iran Documentary Film Festival - Special Jury Mention
Iran, 2021
Serbia, 2022
Patricia Franquesa
Estimada Sara
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