COVID-19: The new reality of festivals

As festivals and markets, we have had to reinvent ourselves against the clock in the face of the new situation with COVID-19.

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21 May 2020 16:00 — 17:00
Público viendo un documental en el cine.

As festivals and markets, we have had to reinvent ourselves against the clock in the face of the new situation with COVID-19. What have we learned from this new paradigm? What new tools will be incorporated? Will festivals be the same again, or or is this new reality here to stay?

With the desire to share experience and be able to help each other in this difficult situation, we open a day of reflection to consider the most practical aspects and the production challenges we have encountered.
We want to find out what solutions have been proposed at the different film festivals that have had to completely change their format, postpone their dates or are still studying what their future will be due to the uncertainty we’re in.

This round table will take place on Thursday 21 May from 16h to 17h online and will be open to other festivals and professional audiences so they can take part in the final round of questions.

Language: Spanish

Moderated by
Elena Subirà i Roca

Elena Subirà i Roca

Head of Institutional and International Relations, and Fundraising

Elena Subirà i Roca has a degree in Humanities and Journalism and for 17 years she has been part of...

Jaume Ripoll

Jaume Ripoll

Co-founder of Filmin

He holds a degree in Management from ESCAC (UB). Co-founder, Editorial and Development Director of F...

Casimiro Torreiro Gómez

Casimiro Torreiro Gómez

Programmer and member of the management team of the Malaga Film Festival

He holds a BA degree in Information Sciences from the University of the Basque Country, and has a Ph...

Helena Alabart

Helena Alabart

Executive Producer of DocsBarcelona

Holds a BA in Audiovisual Communication and a postgraduate degree in Production and Management of Sh...

Jose Luis Rebordinos

Jose Luis Rebordinos

Director of the San Sebastian Film Festival

Member of the European Film Academy (EFA) and Honorary Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts...

Carlos Rodriguez Ríos

Carlos Rodriguez Ríos

Director of the D’A Film Festival

With a BA Degree in Information Sciences from the UAB in Barcelona, he also holds a postgraduate deg...

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