How is covid-19 affecting the audiovisual industry?

What scenario awaits the audiovisual industry after confinement?

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20 May 2020 16:00 — 17:00
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Life can only be understood by looking back, but it must be experienced by looking forward.

Flexibility, innovation, opportunity, challenge, as well as risk, difficulty, and fear, define the reality that COVID-19 has left to the audiovisual industry and in particular to documentary film; a reality that in the immediate aftermath proves devastating, but that in the future could become a great opportunity to reinvent the deepest roots.

In this round table we want to home in on the particularities of documentary at the hands of those who look after cultural policies, with a whole new set of eyes as is required by a novel situation like this one, but without forgetting the wisdom granted by history. Looking ahead, but having understood the past.

We want to analyze the current shake-up to see what opportunities may arise. Will we be able to stay flexible enough to adapt to the new situation without breaking down? How will reality cinema work with a reality that’s slipping away? Will we know how to maintain, care for, and grow audiences towards our beloved culture, the one that makes us transcend, and allows us to think in several different directions?

Language: Spanish

Àlex Navarro

Àlex Navarro

Europa Creativa Catalunya

Alex Navarro (Barcelona), graduated in Philosophy and trained in image and sound, is in charge of th...

Valérie Delpierre

Valérie Delpierre


Valérie Delpierre created Inicia Films in 2006 with an eye to developing projects from up-and-coming...

Lucía Recalde

Lucía Recalde

Europa Creativa MEDIA

Spanish born Lucia Recalde Langarica is Head of the unit "Audiovisual Industry and Media Suppor...

Beatriz Navas

Beatriz Navas

Directora General del Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales

She holds a PhD in Film Analysis from the Complutense University; in 2003 she began collaborating wi...

Miquel Curanta

Miquel Curanta

Director de l’ICEC

Expert in Cultural Management, Technology, Media, Marketing, Audiovisual creativity and advertising,...

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