Beyond the directors eyes

What role do narrative resources play in building a story?

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25 May 2020 16:00 — 17:30
Imágen promocional de la conferencia "Más allá de la mirada de la dirección"

What role do narrative resources play in building a story? How important are music scoring, sound, photography, and the post-production process?
In this round table we will hear the voices of professionals who work behind the cameras. We will see how beyond the director there are a whole set of essential elements that require impeccable professionalism to make the film into a great piece of work.
We will talk about editing and VFX with Bernat Aragonés of Antaviana Films, about music with Victor Coronado of Music Library and about photography with director of photography Núria Roldós

Language: Spanish

Diego Mas Trelles

Diego Mas Trelles

Head of Industry

Head of Industry at DocsBarcelona and co Director of Festival Cine por mujeres. Former head of progr...

Bernat Aragonès

Bernat Aragonès

Editor & VFX Supervisor

Editor and VFX Supervisor. He holds a BA in Humanities from the UPF in Barcelona and a Master of Fin...

Victor Coronado

Victor Coronado

Music supervisor

Born in Barcelona in 1987, he holds a postgraduate degree in Management of Music Industries from IDE...

Núria Roldós

Núria Roldós

Director of Photography

She is currently the vice-president of AEC (Spanish Association of Directors and Directors of Photog...

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