Ahmet Necdet Cupur
Les enfants terribles
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Les enfants terribles

Les enfants terribles

Ahmet Necdet Cupur

93 min.
France, Turkey and Germany
Turkish and Arabic
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

Mahmut has just gotten married and wants a divorce. His sister Zeynep longs to go to college, but her father won't let her. An explosive family melodrama.


Ahmet Necdet Cupur
Ahmet Necdet Cupur, Gürkan Özkaya, Johannes Grehl
Delphine Morel (TS Productions)
Nadir Öperli (Liman Film), Anke Petersen (JYOTI Film)
Mathilde Van de Moortel

In Keskincik, a village near the Syrian border in southeastern Turkey, young Mahmut wants a divorce but doesn’t know how to manage the pressure from his environment. Filmmaker Ahmet Nacdet Cupur portrays his brother Mahmut’s dilemmas to break the marriage of convenience he has been forced to accept.

His sister Zeynep has just found work in a factory and, without her parents ’approval, has started studying to go to college. Younger and temperamental, she is determined to leave the village to life life in her own terms. Their father doesn’t tolerate them challenging his authority and lashes out by destroying anything in front of him. But his children also have a strong character, and their yearnings for freedom are unstoppable.

Mahmut and Zeynep become the center of an explosive conflict in which a new generation dares to question the traditional family pillars. The clash reaches such high intensity that it transcends Keskincik’s boundaries. An intimate yet universal story to reflect on social and gender roles, religion, and patriarchy.

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About the direction
Ahmet Necdet Cupur

Ahmet Necdet Cupur


Ahmet Necdet Cupur was born in a village situated by the Syrian border in Turkey. He quit his home a...

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Awards and festivals

Visions du Réel
Switzerland, 2021
Ahmet Necdet Cupur
Les enfants terribles
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Ahmet Necdet Cupur signs his name to a fascinating first feature film of great promise which delves into the generational conflicts of his family.

— Fabien Lemercier · Cineuropa

The film is as much about making peace with the past, as about finding ways to build another kind of future.

— Marina D. Richter · Ubiquarian

The director who got away returns to document life in a small Turkish village for his rebellious siblings.

— Tim Grierson · Senior Us Critic
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