Ahmet Necdet Cupur


Ahmet Necdet Cupur was born in a village situated by the Syrian border in Turkey. He quit his home at the age of thirteen moving to Antakya to pursue schooling. He obtained a civil engineering diploma and worked three years in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. In one of his journeys, he shot a short film in Romania and decided to be a filmmaker.

He left his engineering job and moved to Paris. Two years after his arrival, he obtained funds from CNC and a pre-purchase from France 2 TV channel for his short film, Latin Babylon. The year he completed his film, he returned back to his natal village, after twenty years of absence, with an idea of shooting a documentary about his family.

He managed to get national funds from France (le CNC, la Scam) to write this documentary film. He carries on living and developing his projects in Paris. Les enfants terribles is his first feature-length documentary.