Priya Woods
Still, Life
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Still, Life

Still, Life

Priya Woods

7 min.
Spain and United Kingdom
Subtitles: Catalan

A father and his daughter sit down for a beer, 18 summers after a the death of the mother


Priya Woods
OTOXO Productions

Through the use of an interview and film footage, the film contrasts between the warm chaos of some old family tapes and the harsh reality of the present. A Christmas tape from 2002, of the director's family preparing for Santa's arrival. The camera suddenly cuts to today, in the same house, now empty. When her father goes to the pub, she decides to ask him some questions about the past. While drinking a beer, they reminisce about a life that once was, before everything changed when the mother died of a cancer.

About the direction
Priya Woods

Priya Woods


Priya Woods is a half Indian, half Scottish filmmaker born and raised in south London. Through her d...

Priya Woods
Still, Life
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