Casa Reynal
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Casa Reynal

Casa Reynal

90 min.
Subtitles: English

The death of the director's grandmother brings her back to her birthplace. There she decides to recover the family history before the property is sold.



Films de l’Orient, Video Profilmar

After the death of the director's grandmother, her mother decides to sell Casa Reynal, the ancestral home located in Bellvís, in Pla d'Urgell. She and her family go there to close up the house. While cleaning cupboards and packing boxes, they come across traces of the family past and the director decides to recover her grandmother’s biography, marked by her migratory journey from the countryside to the city and by the death of her youngest son when he was eight. It is the beginning of spring and the swallows, who have been nesting in the courtyard for years, have just arrived. In fact, the family is doing the same: returning to their roots. This return becomes an intimate journey through time, connecting the private history of three generations with the country’s recent collective history.

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Casa Reynal
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