Francisco Forbes and Ferran Romeu
Science Fiction
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Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Francisco Forbes and Ferran Romeu

92 min.
Spain, United Kingdom and United States
English and Spanish
Subtitles: Catalan and English

Laurence Burton has one final chance to achieve his lifelong dream: to build an aircraft powered solely by renewable energies.


Francisco Forbes and Ferran Romeu
Primo Content, Nanouk Films, Exile Content, House of Greenland

After serving a prison sentence that separated him from his family, Laurence Burton leads a frugal existence in a remote part of the Tabernas Desert with his second wife, Brie. Estranged from the world, this rebellious outsider continues to keep his dream alive: to build an aircraft powered by gyroscopes, using 100% renewable energy. A group of British retirees completes his peculiar cast of helpers. Even in this unique setting, Laurence appears as a rational individual, inspired equally by science and mysticism. This is the story of Laurence's and his cohorts' final attempt to test their theories, while the protagonist tries to piece together his complex family past.

About the direction
Francisco Forbes

Francisco Forbes


Francisco Forbes (Buenos Aires, 1984) has been working in the film industry since 2006. His first fe...

Ferran Romeu

Ferran Romeu


Ferran Romeu Sunyer is a filmmaker from Barcelona. He studied film and documentary at ESCAC and at t...

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