Dani Iglesias
Tan Só o Demo Lembra
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Tan Só o Demo Lembra

Tan Só o Demo Lembra

Dani Iglesias

5 min.
Subtitles: English

A small village called Nadal is home to the director’s most precious childhood memories. Now only small fragments remain



Dani Iglesias
Universidade de Vigo

There are barely 200 metres between the entrance and exit signs of Nadal. Located between provinces, in this small village with no more than 20 houses the director's maternal family lived for a large part of their lives. For the director it meant visiting his great-grandmother, the stew, being with Leon and the cats, his grandfather's vegetable garden, picking blackberries in the surrounding forests... But now these are only vague memories. What remains are photos, stories remembered by his grandmother and mother, some paintings, street view images. Has anything really changed?

About the direction
Dani Iglesias

Dani Iglesias


Dani Iglesias studied lighting and image and is currently studying a degree in Communication. He has...

Awards and festivals

Agarima Fest - Premio del público Festival Internacional de Cine Estudiantil de Naranjal
Espanya, 2024
Mención honorífica a mejor dirección de arte - Ourense Film Festival
Espanya, 2023
Mención especial cortometraje documental John Balan Fest
Espanya, 2023
Premio del público Festival Audiovisual Internacional Origen
Espanya, 2023
Dani Iglesias
Tan Só o Demo Lembra
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