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Helena Třeštíková

83 min.
Subtitles: Catalan

For 37 years Helena Třeštíková films the family of Jana and Petr as the Czech Republic faces the fall of Stalinist socialism and its entry into the European Union.


Helena Třeštíková
Executive Production
Negativ Film Productions

In 1974, at the height of socialism in the Czech Republic, Honza, the first child of the young couple Jana and Petr, is born. At the time, the family lives in Prague, in a room at Jana's divorced mother’s house, but they soon move to Liberec, where they find a small house in the countryside and where Honza's two sisters are born. While Petr begins to write a family diary, Helena Třeštíková's camera films the main events in the life of this family and confronts them with the country’s most relevant political and social events, such as the fall of Stalinist socialism and the entry into the European Union. Třeštíková continues to film the family for 37 years and the result is a vibrant chronicle of how Czech society has changed over the past four decades.

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About the direction
Helena Třeštíková

Helena Třeštíková


Helena Třeštíková studied Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU film school. Since 1974, she has made over...

Awards and festivals

Moldova, 2013
EBS International Documentary FF
Corea del Sud, 2012
Txèquia, 2012
Helena Třeštíková
Private Universe
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Tech package is crisp, seamlessly weaving together different film and tape formats into a cohesive whole. The helmer’s strategy to film Petr Kettner’s narration live in the studio (…) yields tangible emotional benefits.

— Eddie Cockrell · Variety
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