Helena Třeštíková


Helena Třeštíková studied Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU film school. Since 1974, she has made over fifty documentary films. She focuses mainly on interpersonal relationships and social issues. She specializes in time-lapse documentaries, where she monitors her subjects’ fates for longer periods of time. She is one of the most successful Czech documentary filmmakers. She has won the documentary competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival twice (in 1998 for The Sweet Century, and in 2015 for Mallory). In 2010, Helena’s documentary Katka won the Czech Lion and her film René triumphed at the 2008 European Film Awards. Her film Forman vs. Forman premiered at DocsBarcelona and Cannes Film Festival in 2019. Her latest documentary films Anny and René – The Prisoner of Freedom, were premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam.