Rodrigo H. Vila
Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latinoamerica
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Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latinoamerica

Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latinoamerica

Rodrigo H. Vila

93 min.
English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish and Catalan

An intimate journey into the world of Mercedes Sosa, the woman, the artist, and the activist.


Rodrigo H. Vila
Executive Production
Dalila Zaritzky, Guillermo Rossi
Diego Vila
Docs Barcelona Distribution
Luciano Origlio
Cinema 7 Films
Mariano Cúneo, Marcelo Hans Bonato, Ariel González

When in 2009 the Argentinean folk singer Mercedes Sosa died, Latin America lost a great voice on the stage but mostly it lost a brave voice in the protests against injustice. Mercedes, member of the Nueva Canción received many death threats and was exiled by the military regime in the 80s.

In this portrait of Sosa, the director shows us her son Fabian exploring his mother’s legacy by talking to relatives, friends and colleagues, visiting the most emblematic places in her life, while at the same time we see interviews, performances and her most personal memories. An intimate journey into the world of Mercedes Sosa, the woman, the artist, and the activist.

About the direction
Rodrigo H. Vila

Rodrigo H. Vila


Rodrigo H. Vila graduated from university in communication and media producer. He worked as a direct...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

DocsBarcelona Festival
Edició 2014
Docs del Mes · February
Edició 2014

Awards and festivals

Panama Film Festival (Premi de l'audiència)
Panama, 2013
Sydney Latin Film Festival (Premi al millor documental)
Australia, 2013
International Festival of Films on Art in Monreal (FIFA)
Canada, 2013
Netherlands, 2013
Catalonia, 2014
Rodrigo H. Vila
Mercedes Sosa, The voice of Latinoamerica
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A commendable tribute. A portrait that meets the expectations with the character.

— Diario La Nación, Fernando López

With an extraordinary archive material, the documentary returns the fragility of the figure of Mercedes Sosa.

— Diario Clarín, Miguel Frías

It’s probable that in the fascinating life of the artist there is a lot of material for plenty of other movies, but it’s not mistaken to guess that what Matus and Vila achieved in Mercedes Sosa, the voice of the Latin America is closely to be a definitive portrait.

— Diario Tiempo Argentino, Hugo F. Sánchez
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