Ana Sofia Fonseca
Cesária Évora
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Cesária Évora

Cesária Évora

Ana Sofia Fonseca

94 min.
Portuguese, English and French
Subtitles: English and Catalan

Cesária Évora dissects the life of the singer who found success on in the international music scene at the age of fifty and took the Cape Verdean morna everywhere.


Ana Sofia Fonseca
Executive Production
Carrossel Produções
David Medina
Ana Sofia Fonseca, Irina Calado

Cesária Évora, known as the "diva with bare feet", had a fascinating life in which her passion for music cannot be separated from colonial Cape Verde and her commitment to the freedom of her people. In this documentary by Ana Sofia Fonseca we discover, through personal archive material and unpublished interviews, the strength and empowerment of a woman who became a legend by triumphing on the world music scene in her early fifties and taking the Cape Verdean morna everywhere. Cesária Évora traces her diverse political and social contexts, and the universal themes of freedom and racial and gender inequality. In addition, it captures the poetry of the sea, land and air of Cape Verde that shaped the woman and the artist, a feminist force and a pioneering African icon.

About the direction
Ana Sofia Fonseca

Ana Sofia Fonseca


Ana Sofia Fonseca is a natural storyteller. Born in Portugal, she has one foot in her home country a...

Awards and festivals

Estats Units, 2022
Països Baixos, 2022
Estats Units, 2022
It's All True
Brasil, 2022
Ana Sofia Fonseca
Cesária Évora
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A delicious documentary to get to know her beyond her wonderful voice that sang the morna prodigiously.

— CinemaGavia

The combination of the Portuguese director and journalist Fonseca’s storytelling and editor Cláudia Rita Oliveira’s organization of myriad archival resources results in a film that will fascinate both devoted fans as well as those encountering Évora’s biography for the first time.

— Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk · The Conversation

A loving portrait of the late-blooming singer, who found success at 50 and wowed international audiences with her seductive mix of longing and world-weariness.

— Kimberley Jones · The Austin Chronicle
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