Pepe Andreu Ibarra and Rafa Molés Vilar
Lobster soup
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Lobster soup

Lobster soup

Pepe Andreu Ibarra and Rafa Molés Vilar

96 min.
Spain, Iceland and Lithuania
Icelandic and English
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

Bryggjan Café is the soul of Iceland’s greyest village. Old fishermen, crazy musicians, boxers, elves… A delightful comedy about human communities.



Pepe Andreu Ibarra and Rafa Molés Vilar
Executive Production
Natalia Maestro, José Luis Rubio, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Algimante Mateliene
José Luis Rubio
Suica Films, Rec Grabaketa Estudioa, AX Films, Studio Nominum
Pepe Andreu, Rafa Molés, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Arunas Matelis
José Luis González Iglesias
Alberto R. Lucendo
Sara Marco

Krilli prepares the lobster soup. His brother Alli sits with the old fishermen, the last boxer on the island and the translator of Don Quixote into Icelandic. Every day they find solutions to the great problems of the world.

The soup is so delicious that it attracts a high number of crowded tourist buses. The popularity of the soup exceeds all expectations and captures the interest of ambitious investors. They want to buy the place, expand it and hang a big whale skeleton on the wall. A delicious comedy with sweet, spicy and melancholy ingredients, about the human soul and community life, that turns into an x-ray of the consumerist decline of the Western world.

About the direction
Pepe Andreu Ibarra

Pepe Andreu Ibarra


Pepe Andreu is a director, screenwriter and director. He holds a BA Degree in Information Sciences....

Rafa Molés Vilar

Rafa Molés Vilar


Rafa Molés is a director and screenwriter. He holds a BA Degree in Information Sciences. In 2012, he...

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Awards and festivals

Dok.fest Munich
Germany, 2021
Visions du Réel
Switzerland, 2021
Panorama European Film of Egypt
Egypt, 2021
CatStrand Midwinter Film Festival
United Kingdom, 2021
Cinema Vérité ; Iran International Documentary Film Festival
Iran, 2020
Spain, 2020
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck
Germany, 2020
Taipei Golden Horse
Taiwan, 2020
Lithuania, 2020
III Valencian Audiovisual Award
Spain, 2020
Reykjavík International Film Festival
Iceland, 2020
San Sebastián International Film Festival
Spain, 2020
Pepe Andreu Ibarra and Rafa Molés Vilar
Lobster soup
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Faces of those who come to the café. Marked by time. By Life. By work. A fishermen’s place. Wonderful to see how the camera catches them and the stories that come up.

— Tue Steen Müller ·

Lobster Soup tells a very particular and original story, but at the same time it is very representative of what is happening nowadays in any place in the world that, believing itself isolated from what is happening outside its small boundaries, is equally exposed to massification and commodification.

— Cine Arte Magazine
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