Hanka Nobis
Polish Prayers
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Polish Prayers

Polish Prayers

Hanka Nobis

83 min.
Switzerland and Poland
Subtitles: Catalan and English

Antek is a young Polish man who has grown up in a religious and far right family. Everything changes when he falls in love and begins to question religion and homophobia.


Hanka Nobis
Executive Production
First Hand Films

Antek is a twenty-year-old Polish man who has grown up in a religious, far right family. He also belongs to an all-boys group called The Brotherhood, with whom he shares Catholicism, nationalism, homophobia and celibacy as the only acceptable way of life.

Everything changes when Antek meets a girl and falls in love. Suddenly, Antek begins to question the dictates of religion, politics and ideology that have been instilled in him since childhood. Little by little, Antek begins to break with these imposed norms and questions the ban on premarital sex and the existence of God, while finding new respect for the LGBTQ+ community. As his inner world starts to collapse, Antek realises that he has lived trapped in an unhealthy conception of masculinity. Q&A

About the direction
Hanka Nobis

Hanka Nobis


Hanka Nobis was born in Bialystok. During her MISH studies at the University of Warsaw, she dealt wi...

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Hanka Nobis
Polish Prayers
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'Polish Prayers' takes us by the hand and accompanies us as we get up close and personal with a highly strung character who is engaged in a poignant struggle with the contradictions of an inner world that he has long believed he can keep under control – like a good toy soldier guarding a seemingly unbreakable faith.

— Muriel del Don · Cineruopa

'Polish Prayers' paints an amazing portrait of a homophobic Polish Catholic activist who changes both heart and mind to become an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

— Kees Driessen · Business Doc Europe
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