Ida Joglar
Kili Big
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Kili Big

Kili Big

Ida Joglar

90 min.
United States
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

A group of plus-sized women from around the world attempt to climb the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet, Mount Kilimanjaro.


Ida Joglar
Executive Production
Unbunbled Underground
Original title
Kili Big
Recommended age
Todos los públicos
Screen writer
Ida Joglar
Ida Joglar, Sam Kretchmar
Ida Joglar, Brian Derr
Josh Grondin
Ida Joglar

The first time Christa climbed Kilimanjaro, it was the hardest thing she had ever done: she didn’t fit in, she felt too slow, too fat. She didn’t make it to the peak.

Years later, she decided to finish what she started, this time with a group of 20 plus-sized women, determined to conquer the roof of Africa and, in doing so, to make way for others who, like them, have been told their body types do not belong on a mountain. They call themselves the Curvy Kili Crew. The film follows the group from training through the climb, all the while delving into the themes of fatness, representation, self-acceptance and everyday acts of courage, through intimate interviews with the women on the mountain and in their homes.

About the direction
Ida Joglar

Ida Joglar


Ida Joglar is a filmmaker and editor based in New York City, working across genres to find the best...

Awards and festivals

Jury Award for Best Documentary
United States, 2021
Oficial Section in Festival Chagrin- Ohio
United States, 2021
Oficial Section in Festival Tallgrass - Kansas
United States, 2021
Oficial Section in Festival Centre
United States, 2021
Oficial Section in Festival Heartland – Indiana
United States, 2021
Oficial Section in Festival Montclair – Montclair
United States, 2021
Ida Joglar
Kili Big
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One of the most inspiring documentaries in recent memory, Kili Big is a an absolute gem of a film that follows a group of women flipping societal expectations and stigmas on their head.

— Guy at the movies

Without giving away vital plot information, I can say that the way in which Celeste’s situation is handled—both behind and in front of the camera—is skillful and powerful at once.

— Project Nerd
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