Tadhg O’Sullivan
To the moon
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To the moon

To the moon

Tadhg O’Sullivan

76 min.
Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Estonian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Irish, English, Albanian, Welsh and Italian
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

A hypnotic ode to the moon made of 130 sequences from the history of cinema, fascinating literary fragments and a lunar soundtrack. A unique visual poem.


Tadhg O’Sullivan
Steve Fanagan
Clare Stronge (Inland Films, Ireland)
Tadhg O’Sullivan
Amanda Feery, Linda Buckley

A monumental tribute to the moon made of 130 sequences from the history of cinema and exclusive images filmed in 16mm. The voice over reflects on the fascinating lunar nature through literary excerpts from Dostoevsky, Shakespeare and Joyce, among others. The lunar soundtrack adds mystery to this stimulating, cinephile proposal.

To understand the obsessive research work of Irish director Tadhg O’Sullivan, one must keep in mind the influence of the moon on human behavior and on life on Earth as a whole. O’Sullivan immerses himself in the archives of film libraries around the world attracted by the light of the Earth’s satellite and the result is a fascinating visual poem about symbols, cinema, art and human relationships with nature. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

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About the direction
Tadhg O’Sullivan

Tadhg O’Sullivan


Tadhg O’Sullivan is an Irish artist and film-maker working primarily in non-fiction cinema. Often wo...

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Edició 2021

Awards and festivals

Telluride IFF
EUA, 2020
Venice Days
Italy, 2020
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal
Canada, 2020
DOK Leipzig
Germany, 2020
Braunschweig IFF
Germany, 2020
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Dublín
Ireland, 2021
Tadhg O’Sullivan
To the moon
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The intertitles may nudge you towards connection but O'Sullivan has carefully woven the fabric of his film so it does the work for you, pulling you along in the same imperceptible way as the moon draws the tides.

— Amber Wilkinson · Screen International

The ethereal and seductive nature of the moon and its presence in film, literature and other art forms across the planet is the basis for Irish filmmaker Tadhg O’Sullivan’s latest feature.

— Amber Wilkinson · Screendaily
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