Joe Hunting
We met in virtual reality
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We met in virtual reality

We met in virtual reality

Joe Hunting

91 min.
United Kingdom
Subtitles: Catalan

An incredible journey to the heart of a virtual world where different human communities experience love, grief, sexuality and functional diversity with imagination.


Joe Hunting
Executive Production
Charlotte Cook, Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett
Joe Hunting
Joe Hunting
Joe Hunting
Anna Meredith, Perfume Genius, Julianna Barwick

Joe Hunting invents a new way of filming reality from a virtual environment. An incredible journey into the heart of the VRChat platform where diverse human communities experience love, grief, sexuality and functional diversity with imagination. Joe Hunting invites us to immerse ourselves in a parallel world, real as life itself. Suddenly, we can choose our identity and gender. We can become fantasy animals and comic book characters. Filmed in an alternative universe, but edited and narrated as an earthly film, in a few years this documentary will be remembered as the prehistory of the metaverse. Surprising, stimulating and tender.

Screening and talk with the director of the film

  • CASE STUDY: We met in virtual reality. How the film was made
  • Wednesday 25th of May, 2022 | CCCB Theatre | 18.30h | Free
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Interview with the director

About the direction
Joe Hunting

Joe Hunting


Joe Hunting began his journey capturing heartfelt portraits from VR in 2018, releasing his first awa...

Awards and festivals

Sundance Film Festival
EUA, 2022
True / False Film Festival
EUA, 2022
Denmark, 2022
Calgary Underground Film Festival
Canada, 2022
Docs Against Gravity
Poland, 2022
Joe Hunting
We met in virtual reality
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"You will come for the artifice and you will stay for the emotion of this documentary that begins in an extravagant way, but ends up being sweet".

— Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

"A sweet and emotional documentary about love, friendship and people finding themselves in a place where they can be themselves".

— Jonathan Romney, Screendaily

"It is a perfect showcase of how VRChat (and the Internet in general) allows users to transcend the limits and the boundaries of reality to form meaningful connections".

— Juan Barquin, The Film Stage
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