Meri Collazos Solà
Breathe, Mom
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Breathe, Mom

Breathe, Mom

Meri Collazos Solà

77 min.
English, Catalan and Spanish
Subtitles: Catalan and English

Knowing that pollution threatens her daughter's health, the director leads a fight for the right to breathe clean air.


Meri Collazos Solà
Alba Sotorra

In 2013, Meri is the mother of Nina, a girl with Alpha1 genetic deficiency, a genetic anomaly that leaves her unprotected against lung diseases and puts her at risk from the invisible threat of polluted air in cities like hers, Barcelona. In her research and in her search for answers, Meri meets experts and other families who, like her, are fighting for the right to clean air for their children. Her surprising findings coexist with the brutal contradictions of a daily life that, sooner or later, must change for the good of all. The effects of Dieselgate, the discovery of CRISPR gene editing and the COVID-19 pandemic mark the chronology of the story. Is there hope for a better future for our children?

About the direction
Meri Collazos Solà

Meri Collazos Solà


Meri Collazos is an audiovisual director and producer with a degree in Audiovisual Communication fro...

Meri Collazos Solà
Breathe, Mom
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