Salomé Jashi
Taming the Garden
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Taming the Garden

Taming the Garden

Salomé Jashi

91 min.
Switzerland, Germany and Georgia
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

Would you sell a century-old tree planted by your great-grandmother? At what price? A story about anthropocentrism, abuse of power and climate change.


Salomé Jashi
Philippe Ciompi
Vadim Jendreyko, Erik Winker, Martin Roelly, Salomé Jashi
Mira Film, CORSO Film, Sakdoc Film
Goga Devdariani, Salomé Jashi
Chris Wright
Music Supervisor
Celia Stroom

An incredible story about a millionaire, former Prime Minister of Georgia, who intends to transform his mansion’s garden by planting ancestral trees uprooted from various parts of the country.

Director Salomé Jashi spent two years chasing an image that perplexed her: a giant tree floating on the sea, an immense green spot flying over a blue horizon. Jashi’s patience in capturing the transformation of the landscape in different villages in Georgia is mesmerizing, and the serenity of her camera shows how reality can be richer than fiction.

The ethical dilemmas of the people from small rural coastal villages in Georgia challenge us directly: who has never found themselves caught in the dichotomy between being true to their values and selling their souls for money? An essential documentary to feel the full force of capitalism crashing against the quiet, unhurried life of trees. Film poetry that reflects on anthropocentrism, abuse of power and climate change.

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About the direction
Salomé Jashi

Salomé Jashi


Salomé Jashi was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1981. She first studied journalism and worked as a repo...

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Edició 2021

Awards and festivals

Sundance Film Festival
France, 2021
Germany, 2021
Cinéma du Réel
France, 2021
UNAM International Film Festival
Mexico, 2021
Salomé Jashi
Taming the Garden
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Surreal, serene and maybe just a little bit sacred.

— Jessica Kiang · Variety

Taming the Garden unspools what's happening very slowly, and by the time we reach the end, it's overwhelming.

— Alissa Wilkinson · Vox

Salomé Jashi's environmentalist documentary Taming the Garden engrossingly chronicles the aesthetic valuation of nature with regards to hindrance and legacy.

— Robert Daniels ·

A vivid, evergreen look at the effects of gratuitous wealth.

— Jordan Raup · The Film Stage
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