Emilie Beck
No place like home
Part of
No place like home

No place like home

Emilie Beck

70 min.
Norwegian, English and Sinhala
Subtitles: Catalan and English

A young woman adopted by a Norwegian family wants to reconcile with her origins in Sri Lanka, an existential journey turned into an anti-corruption outcry.


Emilie Beck
Executive Production
Carsten Aanonsen
Karianne Berge
Therese Aune
Erland Edenholm

Priyangika Samathie was born in Sri Lanka and adopted by a family in Norway when she was seven weeks old. The determination to search for her birth family turns a journey of reconciliation with her roots into a detective's quest. Priyangika wants to find out the truth, even if it is painful. Director Emily Beck accompanies Priyangika's investigation with sensitivity and empathy. The courage to confront the great taboos of adoption becomes an outcry against the abuse of power in Western countries.

About the direction
Emilie Beck

Emilie Beck


Emilie Beck graduated from The Norwegian TV School (2015-2017) with a bachelor’s degree in documenta...

Awards and festivals

Denmark, 2022
Emilie Beck
No place like home
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