Nicolás Entel
Sins of my father
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Sins of my father

Nicolás Entel

Sins of my father

Sebastian, Escobar's son, tells of his extraordinary childhood, growing up with a father he loved but whom he knew to be Colombia’s enemy number one.

94 min.
Argentina and Colombia
Without subtitles



Nicolás Entel
Jesica Suárez
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Nicolás Entel, Iván Entel
Nicolás Entel
Mariano Monti, Pato Suárez
Film Editor
Pablo Farina

Pablo Escobar, the infamous boss of Colombia’s Medellin drug cartel, told for the very first time by his son, Sebastian and his widow Maria Isabel Santos. In Nicolas Entel’s film, Sebastian tells of his extraordinary childhood, growing up with a father he loved but whom he knew to be Colombia’s enemy number one. He tells of times of extraordinary luxury and extravagance, and other times on the run. And Sebastian and his widow open the family vaults to share their private and long hidden archives. But this is also the story of two of Escobar’s most prominent victims, the Minister of Justice and a politician about to be elected President of Colombia, as told by their sons. They were among hundreds that Escobar had killed in the 1980’s. The film follows Sebastian as he tries to break the cycle of revenge and assassination by seeking reconciliation with the sons of his father’s victims.

About the direction
Nicolás Entel

Nicolás Entel


Sins of My Father’s is Nicolas Entel’s second feature documentary. It follows Orquesta Tipica (2006)...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

DocsBarcelona Festival
Edició 2010
Docs del Mes · August
Edició 2010

Awards and festivals

Jury Prize - Miami Film Festival
United States, 2010
Public's Prize - Miami Film Festival
United States, 2010
Official Selection - International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
The Netherlands, 2009
Official Selection - Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata
Argentina, 2009
Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival
United States, 2010
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The film shows two faces of someone who seems to be the character of a disproportionate Hollywood fiction, but who existed and now "returns", among so many other works about him, in this documentary that impacts and catches.

— Miguel Frías, Diario Clarín

Sins of my Father builds an exciting story from the revelations of such a tragic and tumultuous life.

— Natalia Trzenko, Diario La Nación

The documentary has some admirable work in showing the duality of a terrifying figure.

— Fernanda Solórzano
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