Hanka Nobis


Hanka Nobis was born in Bialystok. During her MISH studies at the University of Warsaw, she dealt with migration according to Mongolism / Tibetology, Cultural Studies, Ethnology, Polish Philology and Liberal Arts. In 2009 she began working in theatre, acting, assisting directors and later directing and producing video installations, as well as making costumes.

Hanka Nobis works with all renowned Polish theatre institutions and directors-Jacek Poniedziatek, Anna Smolar, Michat Marczak, Pawel Łozinski, Krzysztof Skonieczny, Wiktor Rubin, Radoslaw Rychcik, Markus Ohrn, Jill Godmilow. Nobis’ first feature length documentary Polish Prayers (2022) premiered at the IDFA’s Luminou section. She is currently working on her second film Songs of Sisterhood, also produced by First Hand Films.