Eliza Kubarska
K2. Touching the sky
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K2. Touching the sky

Eliza Kubarska

K2. Touching the sky

“K2- touching the sky” is an emotional film set against breathtaking vistas of Karakorum Mountains. It is a multilayered psychological portrait of people who are coping to understand the choices of their parents or their own passion.

72 min.
Poland, United Kingdom and Germany
English and Polish
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish


Eliza Kubarska
K2. Touching the sky
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Eliza Kubarska
Mariusz Bielecki
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Katarzyna Slescika, Monika Braid
Eliza Kubarska
Radek Ladczuk
Michal Jacaszek

In the summer of 1986, several dozen alpinists from all over the world meet at the Base Camp of K2, second highest summit on the planet. Their goal is to climb this extremely difficult, rarely conquered, 8-thousand meter peak.

Up to that moment, K2 had never been climbed by a woman. Julie Tullis, mother of two, will try to be the first. There are also the Polish elite climbers: „Mrowka“ Miodowicz-Wolf, mother of 4 year old boy and Tadeusz Piotrowski, whose daughter is still in her mother’s womb.

Very soon the season of 86 transforms into a series of tragic events leaving 13 climbers dead. It will be called: the „black summer”. Almost 30 years later, Eliza, the director of the film and an alpinist herself, together with an international group of grown-up children of climbers, sets out on an expedition to reach K2 base camp, symbolic burial place for those who lost their lives on the mountain. Hania, Łukasz, Lindsey and Chris will challenge themselves to face the past and to understand the force that once seduced their parents and eventually killed them during “black summer”. On the other hand, Eliza is going to face difficult dilemma regarding her future. Being a woman and an experienced alpinist, she asks herself a question, if her passion is worth the risk? And – more importantly – should she have a child? This emotional journey will not bring neither easy nor obvious answers, but – hopefully – will close the old chapters and open the new ones.

About the direction
Eliza Kubarska

Eliza Kubarska


Eliza Kubarska. Film director and alpinist. Her first multi awarded documentary (2010) "What Ha...

Awards and festivals

Festival del Film Locarno – Official Selection
Switzerland, 2015
Krakow Film Festival – Official Selection
Poland, 2015
BANFF Mountain Film Festival – Best Film
Canada, 2015
Kendal Mountain Festival – Big Jury Award
UK, 2015
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¿Vale la pena pagar el precio de la pasión? ¿Se puede dejar todo para tocar el cielo?

— Eldiario.es

Kubarska plantea una película breve (72 minutos) en el que recoge con su cámara la belleza y el abismo del entorno, de una manera serena y tranquila.

— 242peliculasdespues.com
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