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Els hereus
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Els hereus

Els hereus

Various directors

13 min.
Subtitles: Spanish and English

In Seu d’Urgell, a young smuggler has to deal with his first tobacco trafficking operation.


Sergi Wakefield, Isabel Mier and David Torner

La Seu d’Urgell. Pedro is a 22-year-old man who has to deal with his first tobacco smuggling operation. His life is not much different from the life of any of the neighbors he has in the village; Pedro has no weapons and is not a dangerous person. In fact, Pedro is someone who wants to earn a living wage and who enjoys spending the afternoon with friends. He is now afraid of what might happen to him while transporting boxes. He is part of a generation that has seen adults make trafficking a profession and a culture. He’s one of the Heirs of contraband.

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