Marc Parramon and Amets Arzallus
Altsasu (Gau Hura)
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Altsasu (Gau Hura)

Altsasu (Gau Hura)

Marc Parramon and Amets Arzallus

80 min.
Basque and Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish and English

The Altsasu case like we've never seen before. An intimate look at the human side of a perverse conflict that demands a lot of empathy: injustice feeds on anger


Marc Parramon and Amets Arzallus
Massa d’Or Produccions, Marmoka Films

The documentary begins in 2018 with 100 days to go before the trial and three of the eight young defendants have already spent a year and a half in pre-trial detention. The film captures the physical and emotional transformation of the youngsters through unprecedented access to their personal and family environment.

The research work of Marc Parramón and Amets Arzallus exposes the media treatment of the Altsasu case and its relationship with the Basque conflict. The media constructs a story about the day-to-day life of Altsasu filled with hostility and violence as if it were a kind of Belfast of the 1980s. The ghost of terrorism seems to be maintained alive to avoid looking to the future and keeping the wounds of a past of war and hatred open. In this delicate context, eight young people from different gangs and without a solid relationship between them are involved in a common judicial process. The prosecutor is asking for a total of 375 years in prison for a terrorism offense.

A shocking portrait that demands joint empathy to understand the pain of these young people immersed in a nightmare that originated in a grim night of alcohol intoxication.

About the direction
Marc Parramon

Marc Parramon


Marc Parramon (Manlleu, 1977) is a director. His documentaries, whether they focus on scientific or...

Amets Arzallus

Amets Arzallus


Amets Arzallus. Born in Hendaia in 1983. He is a journalist and Bertsolaritza improviser. His main p...

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DocsBarcelona Festival · Latitud
Edició 2021
Marc Parramon and Amets Arzallus
Altsasu (Gau Hura)
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