Arthur Franck
The Hypnotist
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The Hypnotist

Arthur Franck

The Hypnotist

What do Finland's most famous hypnotist and the longest-serving president in the country have in common?

72 min.
Subtitles: Valencian, Spanish and English
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Arthur Franck
The Hypnotist
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Arthur Franck
Tuomas Klaavo
Oskar Forstén
Erkko Lyytinen
Associate Producer
Anna-Maija Heinonen, Anders Lindström
Toni Teivaala
Visual Effects
Anton Sundström

What do Finland's most famous hypnotist and the longest-serving president in the country have in common? During the Cold War, Olliver Hawk charmed the nation with his hypnosis shows while proselytizing on the power of suggestion. At the same time, Urho Kekkonen governed the country, occupying the presidency without opposition and counting on the citizens’ unconditional support...

A fascinating story about the links between political power, psychological manipulation, and the media. In the midst of the fake news era, the incredible life of Olliver Hawk teaches us to question images and reminds us of the need to contrast information. What if politicians manipulate the masses using hypnosis techniques? Where do the truth end and the lie begin? Unfairly accused or blacklisted for political reasons, Hawk tasted success and failure in equal measure. For some he was a genius and for others he was a fraud. His death left many unanswered questions, even for his closest relatives and co-workers, which remain a mystery to this day. The myth is still alive and more mysterious than ever.

About the direction
Arthur Franck

Arthur Franck


Arthur Franck, was born in Helsinki 1980 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. He made his first shor...

Awards and festivals

Doc Point
Finland, 2019
Denmark, 2019
Hot Docs IDFF
Canada, 2019
Best Film · Tampere FF
Finland, 2019
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Maybe there are parallels between gods and men, between politicians and actors. And when I say 'maybe,' I mean, '... Maybe... sure?'

— Matt Cipolla, The Spool

The Hypnotist is a remarkably well-crafted film. With a uniquely unified visual aesthetic, it is a pleasure to watch.

— Chelsea Phillips-Carr, POV Magazine
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Arthur Franck
The Hypnotist