Sarvnik Kaur
Against the tide
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Against the tide

Against the tide

Sarvnik Kaur

97 min.
France and India
Marathi and Hindi
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

Two fishermen from Bombay face climate change with different approaches. Rakesh maintains the traditional ways whereas Ganesh wants to become a great businessman.


Sarvnik Kaur

Two Bombay fishermen, Rakesh and Ganesh, are facing major changes professionally and in their lives. While Rakesh continues to rely on the heritage of Koli, an ancestral system of fishing that is governed by the lunar cycle and the tides, Ganesh has been moving away from tradition and trying to incorporate technology into his fishing boat. Rakesh has not left India and the traditional way of fishing allows him to continue to support his small family. Ganesh, on the other hand, has been educated in Scotland and has ambitions to become a big businessman. This difference has been eroding the deep friendship, almost brotherly, between Rakesh and Ganesh both of whom are helpless and vulnerable to the relentless changes in the sea and its behaviour due to climate change.

About the direction
Sarvnik Kaur

Sarvnik Kaur


Sarvnik Kaur is a documentary filmmaker who strives to tell stories that hide the tension and confli...

Awards and festivals

Spain, 2023
Sundance Film Festival
Estats Units, 2023
San Francisco IFF
Estats Units, 2023
Visions du Réel
Suïssa, 2023
Sarvnik Kaur
Against the tide
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‘Against the Tide’ takes a somber look, one in which modernism and overconsumption jas stripped not only the resources but the joys in the payoff of a hard day’s work.

— Soham Gadre · Film Inquiry

What’s particularly striking is that ‘Against the Tide’ is poetically poignant while maintaining a clean, direct approach.

— Barbara Goslawski · That Shelf

‘Against the Tide’ manages to feel both intimate and large-scale when the fishermen’s struggle reflects the soul-searching of an entire nation in a brave new world.

— Stephen Saito · Moveable Fest
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