Sara Dosa
Fire of Love
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Fire of Love

Fire of Love

Sara Dosa

93 min.
French and English
Subtitles: English and Catalan

The epic love story of Katia and Mauricie Kraft, a couple of explorers who risked their lives to film the volcanoes at an unprecedented proximity.



Sara Dosa
Executive Production
Greg Boustead, Ben Braun, Josh Braun, Jessica Harrop
Gavin Fernandes
National Geographic Channel
Sara Dosa, Shane Boris, Ina Fichman
Executive co-production
Ben Schwartz
Nicolas Godin
Lucy Munger

Katia was a geochemist and Maurice a geologist. Etna and Stromboli were their paragons. Together they shared a passionate life; a volcanic and playful love story experienced to the limit. In the 1970s they embarked on a joint quest that would last two decades and which took them all over the world to study the eruption of volcanoes. Zaire, Hawaii, Indonesia, the United States, Japan... Maurice filmed in 16mm and Katia took photos of the craters on foot. Such images had never been seen before. Filmmaker Sara Dosa has constructed a memorable adventure from 200 hours of unpublished archive footage and Katia and Maurice's personal notes and writings. Artist Miranda July gives voice to the fascinating universe of these two unclassifiable volcanologists. The exceptional archive material unveils an epic love story between two explorers who devoted their lives to the pioneering study of volcanoes.

Interview with the director

About the direction
Sara Dosa

Sara Dosa


Sara Dosa is an Indie Spirit Award-nominated doc director and Peabody award-winning producer whose i...

Awards and festivals

Millenium Docs Against Gravity
Poland, 2022
Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival
EUA, 2022
Doxa Documentary Film Festival
Canada, 2022
Dok.Fest Munich
Germany, 2022
Sara Dosa
Fire of Love
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"A beautiful collage in which romance, scientific research and death unfold a 93-minute dance".

— Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

"The most spectacular recordings of volcanoes ever filmed give strength to this documentary about two volcanologists (...) It's emotional and amazing."

— Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"A well-thought-out documentary that balances playfulness with a dark side (...) ' Fire of Love' gets a final touch of existentialism that makes it endure over time".

— oshua Rothkopf, Entertainment Weekly

"Sara Dosa has made this documentary with modesty and sensitivity".

— Tim Grierson: Screendaily
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