Isa Willinger
Hi, A.I.
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Hi, A.I.

Hi, A.I.

Isa Willinger

88 min.
English, Japanese, Italian and German
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

Robots are the new creatures on planet Earth. Are we ready to introduce artificial intelligence into our lives?


Isa Willinger
Tim Höfer, Yoshitake Hashimoto
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Stefan Kloos for Kloos & Co. Medien
ZDF, Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Film editor
Stephan Krumbiegel, Olaf Voigtlaender
Robert Pilgram

When Chuck buys Harmony, his future robot partner, he is not expecting her to like books and to talk about transcendental issues. In Japan, the Pepper robot arrives at Grandma Sakurai's home to help her, but he turns out to be quite scatty ... Robots are the new creatures on planet Earth. Are we ready to introduce artificial intelligence into our lives?

For years now they have been working at business desks and receptions, in malls and as chefs, but now artificially intelligent humanoids have been introduced into our homes and our private lives. "With an AI, you have to maintain communication through short and clear sentences"; this is Chuck's advice when he picks up his mate, fresh from the factory. Hi, A.I. reveals how coexisting with artificial intelligence will affect our lives, and how robots, in the not too distant future, will be a part of it. An impressive testimony that shows us the future, today.

About the direction
Isa Willinger

Isa Willinger


Isa Willinger is a documentary filmmaker from Munich. She studied film at the University of Televisi...

Awards and festivals

Denmark, 2020
Hot Docs Alemania
Germany, 2020
Netherlands, 2019
Isa Willinger
Hi, A.I.
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It's refreshing to see a movie about the nice side of robots. Isa Willinger eschews dark implications about their capacities and sees them as a positive force, presenting her feature with the sub-heading Love Stories From the Future.

— Musanna Ahmed, Film Inquiry

An interesting and thoughtful look at the role AI robots are set to play in our futures.

— Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

It's been six years since Spike Jonze told the story of Theo and Samantha in Her. What once was speculative is now reality.

— Pat Mullen, POV Magazine
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