Susanne Regina Meures
Girl Gang
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Girl Gang

Girl Gang

Susanne Regina Meures

97 min.
German and English
Subtitles: Catalan and English

A contemporary fairy tale about fame and the world of influencers. Our showbiz society turns human life into a product, but at what price?


Susanne Regina Meures
Executive Production
Christian Frei, Susanne Regina Meures
Christian Frei Filmproduktion GmbH, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Susanne Regina Meures
Katja Dringenberg

Leonie is 14 years old and lives in Berlin, dazzled by the internet fame bubble. Her parents have quit their jobs to devote themselves to promoting their daughter's career as an influencer, known on the internet as Leoobalys. Our showbiz society has turned human life into a product, but at what price? Thousands of miles away, Melanie dreams of imitating Leoobalys' perfect life. Susanne Regina Meures films an addictive chronicle of the current zeitgeist. A contemporary fairy tale that shows the dark side of social media through the life of a teenager with hundreds of thousands of followers.

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About the direction
Susanne Regina Meures

Susanne Regina Meures


Susanne Regina Meures is a German director, born in Mönchengladbach, Germany in 1977. A graduate in...

Awards and festivals

Denmark, 2022
Belgium, 2022
Hot Docs
Toronto, 2022
Dok Fest. Munich
Germany, 2022
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The third feature film of Susanne Regina Meures is a powerful work that immerses us in the ruthless and intransigent world of social networks (...) Girl Gang allows us to observe, captive and horrified, the life of Leonie, composed of dreams, illusions, excessive control and a search for the impossible of freedom; a claustrophobic world where there is no room for human interaction.

— Muriel del Don, Cineuropa
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