Rodrigo Reyes
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Rodrigo Reyes

88 min.
United States and Mexico
Spanish and English
Subtitles: Spanish and English

Five centuries after the Spanish invasion, a ghostly conqueror travels through Mexico. A road movie between reality and fiction, about the colonial legacy.


Rodrigo Reyes
Executive Production
Steve Holmgren, Carter Logan
Inti Cordera, Andrew Houchens
David Felix Sutcliffe
Rodrigo Reyes, Lorena Padilla
Alejandro Mejía, AMC
Andrea Chignoli, Daniel Chávez Ontiveros
Pablo Mondragón
Costume design
Adriana Ruíz “Clarisse Monde”

499 years after the fall of the Aztec civilization, a 16th century Spanish conqueror follows the tracks of Hernán Cortés. During his journey he meets real people who live in the current territory of the ancient Aztec Empire: he can only stay quiet and listen to their testimonies.

Tenochtitlán, nowadays known as Mexico City, has become strange and immense. The conqueror discovers the reality of family members of murdered people, of migrants in extremely vulnerable situations, of friends of missing people ... He might look like none of this goes with him, but the heroic deeds from

Mexican director Rodrigo Reyes builds an original road movie through an imaginary conqueror that travels through Mexico. The terrible events of colonialism continue to fester and perpetuate a cycle of perverse violence. The power of magic realism offers an imaginative way to heal the traumas of a past marked by abuse of power and oppression.

Best Photography at the Tribeca Film Festival and Special Jury Award at Hot Docs.

About the direction
Rodrigo Reyes

Rodrigo Reyes


Rodrigo Reyes. Mexican director Rodrigo Reyes has won awards for his films around the world, screeni...

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DocsBarcelona Festival · Latitud
Edició 2020
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Awards and festivals

Tribeca Film Festival
USA, 2020
Hot Docs Film Festival
Canada, 2020
IDFA Documentary Film Festival
Netherlands, 2020
Rodrigo Reyes
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"499" is a sad portrait of Mexican reality in which, supported by majestic photography and a confident central performance, Rodrigo Reyes exploits a well-crafted concept to recreate a path of colonialism, parallels and tragedies.

— Ricardo Gallegos · La Estatuilla

A hypnotic, devastating look at the scars of Latin American colonialism.

— Nathanael Hood · The Young Folks

By mixing time-warping fiction with documentary has allowed director Rodrigo Reyes to inventively capture at a glance at almost five centuries of Mexican history.

— Glenn Dunks · The Film Experience
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