International Documentary Film Festival. Competitive sections, non-competitive sections and masterclasses.

Gianfranco Rosi
Sally Aitken
Playing with sharks
Salomé Jashi
Taming the Garden
Oan Kim and Brigitte Bouillot
The Man Who Paints Water Drops
Barak Heymann
Dani Karavan
Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers
Inside the red brick wall
Pepe Andreu Ibarra and Rafa Molés Vilar
Lobster soup
Alba Sotorra
El retorn, la vida després de l'ISIS
Tadhg O’Sullivan
To the moon
    Edition 2021
    Imágen de la sala.

    The Jury of each edition decides part of the DocsBarcelona awards, others are awarded by the public thanks to their votes. Many of these awards are possible thanks to agreements and the support of the festival's sponsors.

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