Broadcasters: Stay Tuned

How to get a broadcaster on board in modern times

27 May 2021 18:30 — 20:00

How can we contact with a broadcaster? What function they have?

The broadcasters remain an important contributor to our world of documentaries by participating in the doc pitch events. They are the only non-speculative deal at the table. When they say yes, they give you money.

All other media or forms of financing are speculative: one has to sit and wait if they ‘click’. But everywhere the broadcasters are under pressure: less money, less doc slots, the fight for viewers, but the pitched projects remain stable, likely even more every year.

Jan Rofekamp is a doc sales agent, now consultant, with almost 40 years experience. He will walk you thru the broadcast landscape and will give you some reality and practical tips.

Diego Mas Trelles

Diego Mas Trelles

Head of Industry

Head of Industry at DocsBarcelona and co Director of Festival Cine por mujeres. Former head of progr...

Jan Rofekamp

Jan Rofekamp

Doc sales agent

Jan Rofekamp dirigeix Films Transit International, fundada el 1982 i una de les agències de vendes i...

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