Presentation of the Atresmedia and À Punt Media archives

20 May 2021 16:00 — 17:15

Archive material is often a fundamental part of a documentary, a crucial informational resource that involves the entire creation process. And in some cases it even becomes almost the full documentary film.

Often producers and their teams do not know how to approach an archive search for their documentary or do not know what files exist and how to best access them.

For this reason we decided that it would be interesting to periodically organize a presentation of different nationwide audiovisual archives. For this edition of DocsBarcelona we start with the archives of Atresmedia (private TV broadcaster) and À Punt Media (public TV broadcaster). Professionals in the audiovisual sector will get acquainted with the contents of these archives, the way they operate, the services they offer, their access policies and their rates.

These are some of the questions that Eugenio López de Quintana from Atresmedia and Lola Alfonso Noguerón from À Punt Media will explain.

Montserrat Bailac

Montserrat Bailac


She holds a Diploma in Library Science and Documentation. She has worked as documentalist at TV3 sin...

Lola Alfonso Noguerón

Lola Alfonso Noguerón

À Punt Media

She holds a BA Degree in Geography and History (University of Valencia), and a Postgraduate Degree i...

Eugenio López de Quintana

Eugenio López de Quintana


Eugenio López de Quintana is head of Archive at ATRESMEDIA, the leading communication group in Spain...

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