Rules & Regulations - Rough Cut Pitch 2024

The DocsBarcelona Industry Forum consists of four different activities open to projects from all over the world: Public Pitch, Rough Cut Pitch, New Tech Pitch and Speed Meetings.

The Forum activities will take place in Barcelona from the 7th to the 10th of May. The on-site attendance is mandatory. On an exceptional basis, the selection committee will consider the online participation of a project.

Open Call: 12th of December 2023
Call Deadline: 29th of January 2024 23:59h (UTC/GTM+2)*
Notification of acceptance: 20th of February 2024
Registration payment deadline: 5th of March 2024
Accreditation deadline: 12th of March 2024

*Projects received after this date and hour will not be taken in consideration.

In the Rough Cut Pitch, 4 projects at rough-cut stage selected by an international committee will have the opportunity to present their non-fiction films in front of a panel of financers and experts.

Selected projects will have a total of 25 minutes for their presentation, distributed as follows: 15 minutes for the pitch (including teaser, as well as a sequence of the project) + 10 minutes for questions and feedback from the panel of financers and experts.

Projects participating in the Rough Cut Pitch will have access to Speed Meetings and will each have 15-minute one-to-one meetings with financers and experts. These meetings are previously arranged, with a focus on aligning the specific needs of each project with the interests and capabilities of potential financiers. It is important for participants to note that the occurrence of these meetings is contingent upon the expressed interest of the financiers.


• Only projects submitted via the DocsBarcelona&Me platform will be considered.
• The submission fee is 12,10€ (VAT included).
• Incomplete applications with missing documentation will not be taken in consideration.
• DocsBarcelona will publicly announce the selected projects the 20th of February. The selected projects will be able to make the registration payment until the 5th of March (more information about payments in point 5 of this document).


• We accept non-fiction feature-length documentary projects in rough-cut stage.
• Short documentary projects and finished films are not eligible.
• Projects must have an artistic will and an international appeal.
• Projects are not required to have prior financing.
• We accept projects and co-productions from any country.
• We particularly highlight individuals or companies searching for European coproductions.
• We give priority to applications from underrepresented and emerging cinematic backgrounds.
• The applicant must guarantee clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted project.


To submit a project to the Rough Cut Pitch you need to register at and fill out the registration form.

    1. Attach a maximum 2-pages PDF document with a presentation of your project in English. This document needs to include the following information:
      Working Title
      Theme: sociology, arts, music, culture, human rights, current affairs, environment, gender perspective, LGTBIQ+, etc.
      Logline, Synopsis and brief treatment (images can be included)
      Production status and Expected release.
      Brief production and co-production companies CV.
      Biref producer and director CV.
      Brief budget and finance plan (total budget, confirmed amount required amount). It is not necessary for submitted projects to have prior financing.
      Video teaser link.
      Selected Scenes (up to 20 min) link.
      Rough Cut link.

Documents longer than 2 pages will not be accepted. The name of the document must be the title of the project in English.

    1. For the Rough-Cut Pitch submission, attach a clip of selected scenes (up to maximum 20 minutes) and the link to the rough cut. If the original language is not English, it must include English subtitles.


4 projects will be selected to participate in the Rough Cut Pitch by an international committee.
• The selection committee takes in consideration the following criteria:

  • · The uniqueness and originality of the content, subject, story, or perspective.
  • · The director's creative perspective.
  • · The overall cinematic and artistic approach.
  • · The visual material provided.
  • · A balanced selection in terms of geographic region, gender equality, and diversity of voices and perspectives.
  • · The subject of the documentary, to ensure thematic diversity.
  • · The director, producer and production company track record. We support both experienced filmmakers as well as new talents.
    • Maximum of participants per project is 2 people.
    • The selected project’s information submitted in the application (PDF Document) will be presented to the panel of financers and decision makers.
    • We cannot provide personal feedback to each application due to the high number of entries.
    • If your project is selected, your participation will be confirmed upon the payment of the registration fee.
    • Cancellation policy: If you choose to cancel your participation in DocsBarcelona, no refunds will be provided.

5. FEES 2024

Project submission fee: 12,10€ (VAT included)

Activity Rough Cut Pitch: (once selected).

  • · Fee (VAT not incl.): 289,26€
  • · Fee (21% VAT incl.): 350,00€

*The fee is per project, the maximum number of people allowed per project is 2.


DocsBarcelona Best Project Award – The Public Pitch most voted project by Decision Makers and Financiers will receive a 4.500€ development award.
HBO MAX Best Pitch Award – HBO MAX will provide a 2.000€ prize as a contribution to the development of one project presented in the Public Pitch.
Music Library Award – Acorde Musical Supervision, a division of Music Library & SFX, will reward one Rough Cut Pitch project with a 1.000€ prize and flat music license fees, valued at 295€.
Antaviana Films Best Pitch Award – One Public Pitch project will receive the Antaviana Films Award, consisting in post-production and finishing services valued at 3.000€.
Sónar+D Award - One New Tech Pitch project will be selected to attend Sónar+D in 2024 and will have a personalized networking agenda for two team members.
Fipadoc Award – One Industry project will be selected to attend Fipadoc’s 2025 edition.
East Doc Platform Award – One Industry project will be selected to attend East Doc Platform in 2025.
Foro Lau Haizetara Award – One Industry project will be selected to attend the San Sebastian’s co-production forum: Lau Haizetara 2024.
MIA DOC Award – One Industry project will be selected to attend the Mia Doc Market in 2024.
DOK.fest München Award – One Industry project will be selected to attend the DOK.Fest München Market in 2025.


Participants must be fluent in English. English will be the working language for all Industry activities at DocsBarcelona. There will not be simultaneous translation services.
• By providing your trailer and images, you give DocsBarcelona permission to use the material for promotional purposes unless specifically requested.
• The participation in DocsBarcelona Industry Activities must be referred to in the credits of each project once completed, with the DocsBarcelona Industry logo provided by the festival and the following caption “This film was presented at DocsBarcelona Industry 2024”.
• Once finished, all participating projects are offered a fee waiver code to submit at DocsBarcelona Festival. For more information, please contact

The Rough Cut Pitch registration fee for selected projects is 350€ (21% VAT included). The fee includes:
• Participation for two people in the Public Pitch and the Speed Meetings.
• Training – The Magic of the Great Project and Pitch (4 online consultancies with industry professionals)
• Access to Masterclasses, industry conferences, panels and pitchings.
• Access to the Festival screenings.
• Access to networking activities and cocktails.
• Access to DocsBarcelona&Me professional panel, that includes the contact information of all DocsBarcelona accredited professionals.
• Access and appearance in the Industry Guide

The organization reserves the right to modify dates, schedules and activities if needed.
Any changes will be properly communicated to the participants.


Industry Production
Balmes, 207, principal, 2a
(08006) Barcelona
Telephone: +34 933 93 12 00

DocsBarcelona 2024 - Rough Cut Pitch Rules & Regulations v.1.0