Finlay Pretsell
Time Trial
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Time Trial

Time Trial

Finlay Pretsell

82 min.
United Kingdom
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

The end of an athlete’s career is a race against time and a fight against an inevitable demise.


Finlay Pretsell
Executive Production
Iain Smith, Ian Davies, Noe Mendelle, Avril Millar, Leslie Finlay, Sylvie Richards
CJ Mirra, Douglas Fairgrieve
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Rebecca Day, Sonja Henrici, Finlay Pretsell

The end of an athlete’s career is a race against time and a fight against an inevitable demise. The addictive need to participate defies logic and creates a mesmerising and painful spectacle. TIME TRIAL takes us into the final races of cyclist David Millar’s career, leading up to his last encounter with the Tour de France.

We go inside the peloton, we’re pushed up impossible climbs and forced down rapid descents, we lie alongside him in his hotel room in post-race agony. We ride in the support car, the source of comfort, supplies and fleeting relief from the cold. And we know that every mile travelled is a mile closer to the end. TIME TRIAL gets us close to David Millar, revealing how the human spirit is driven by a force deeper than success and glory.

Filmed using pioneering techniques, bespoke vehicles and on-bike cameras, and with a new score by US composer Dan Deacon.

About the direction
Finlay Pretsell

Finlay Pretsell


Finlay Pretsell is a film director awarded with a BAFTA and a former professional cyclist. He has...

Awards and festivals

Netherlands, 2017
BendFilm Festival
United States, 2017
Cleveland IFF
United States, 2017
Denmark, 2018
Visions du Réel
Swiss, 2018
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