Alexe Poukine
That which does not kill
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That which does not kill

That which does not kill

Alexe Poukine

84 min.
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

A powerful and sober film that breaks the silence around rapes in trusting environments and does so without victimizing women.


Alexe Poukine
Executive Production
Cyril Bibas, Cécile Lestrade, Elise Hug
Bruno Sweisguth, Marie Paulus
Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles, Take Five
Film editor
Agnès Bruckert

At 19, Ada was raped three times in the same week by a man she knew well. An invitation to dinner triggered the first and she did not defend herself, but she agreed to meet her assailant twice more to confront him and seek answers. A powerful and sober film that breaks the silence around rapes in trusting environments and does so without victimizing women.

Ada's story is told through multiple voices of different women who build Ada’s story, her version of events and how she felt before, during, and after. Little by little, all the women in this film become the protagonists of Ada’s story and also testimonies of their own stories, which, unfortunately, have the same starting point. A choral film from the women’s point of view, exposing without victimization the contradictory feelings and consequences after a rape or sexual assault where the abuser is neither a stranger nor a monster or a stalker who acts at night, in corners or apartment building entrance halls. The film seeks to understand and find answers to the reactions that such sexual aggressions trigger on women who do not fit into what the public opinion would call "correct victims." That Which Does Not Kill is not only Ada's story, but also another contribution to raising awareness of a very broad and still silenced social phenomenon.

About the direction
Alexe Poukine

Alexe Poukine


Alexe Poukine, born in 1982, is a director and scriptwriter. After attending drama classes, she stud...

Awards and festivals

Young Jury Reteena Award · DocsBarcelona
Spain, 2020
Jury Award · Visions du Réel
Swiss, 2019
Netherlands, 2019
Best Documentary · Festival FIDBA
Argentina, 2019
Best Documentary· Festival dei Popoli
Italy, 2019
@france24 Award for the Best Documentary · Festival Films Femmes Méditerranée
France, 2019
Alexe Poukine
That which does not kill
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Alexe Poukine's formally rigorous documentary tackles the issue of rape in a subtly inventive manner and delves deeper into the topic than almost any recent film.

— Vladan Petković, Cineuropa

The narrative is captivating, arresting and extremely intimate, alternating facts with feelings and introspections, keeping the viewer wanting to know what happened next.

— Bianca-Olivia Nita, Modern Times Review
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