Hélène Robert and Jeremy Perrin
Rising from the Tsunami
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Rising from the Tsunami

Rising from the Tsunami

Hélène Robert and Jeremy Perrin

68 min.
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

A story about ghosts and spirits that shows how the tsunami waves that shook Japan are still alive in the collective imagination.


Hélène Robert and Jeremy Perrin
Jeremy Perrin
DocsBarcelona Distribution
La Société des Apaches & Baldanders Films
Original title
Rising from the tsunami
Film editor
Laurent Leveneur

A story about ghosts and spirits that shows how the tsunami waves that shook Japan in 2011 are still alive in the collective imagination of the people who suffered the tragedy. We watch in disbelief the construction of a huge breakwater wall of over 400 km which will completely block the opening to the sea of the villages along the coast of Tohoku.

On March 11th 2011, an unprecedented tsunami devastated Japan, leaving more than 15,000 dead and the country devastated. This deadly wave was the result of a magnitude 9 earthquake that morning. For the inhabitants of the city of Sendai, capital of the Miyagi Prefecture, the sea has become a hostile element. Since then, an immense breakwater wall has been erected, while the missing people haunt life from the depths of the sea. As the tsunami wall spreads the length of the shoreline, so do ghosts and spirits returning home along the Japanese coast. The visible and the invisible worlds come together in this no-man’s land, where the reconstruction and the recovery from the great devastating wave are just beginning. A mysterious and poetic journey through the surviving testimonies of the catastrophe that show with great emotional depth how the tsunami affected their lives and how they maintain the belief that the spirits of the victims are still there, which causes their presence to become something real. Each image, sound and sensation transports us to a world halfway between life and death, where the absence of loved ones becomes more palpable than ever.

About the direction
Hélène Robert

Hélène Robert


Hélène Robert is a documentary maker and photographer trained in Fine Arts who also collaborates wit...

Jeremy Perrin

Jeremy Perrin


Jeremy Perrin is qualified in Political Sciences and started writing for cultural projects such as a...

Awards and festivals

Spain, 2020
Cinéma du Réel
France, 2019
Netherlands, 2019
Salem Film Festival
EUA, 2020
Hélène Robert and Jeremy Perrin
Rising from the Tsunami
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